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Newsday Article - April 19, 2013

Barney Lessing, Dix Hills- New York Times - June 24, 2003

Re ''You Won't Hear a Refrain of 'All That Jazz''' [Sept. 7]: The notion that serious mainstream jazz cannot sustain an audience on Long Island ignores the fact that there are several clubs and individuals that are working to perpetuate the art form.

Al Cardillo, for example, has continued to present major world-renowned musicians three times a week in various locations throughout Long Island consistently for the past seven years. His efforts not only have single-handedly provided an outlet for New York musicians to jam informally but also have provided the general public with a taste of the best in mainstream jazz.

Martin Johnson- New York Newsday, HotSpots - December 21, 2002

Top-notch jazz on the Island. Mineola bassist Al Cardillo has spent the last six years luring top jazz talent to Long Island. After a year of roaming, his two club nights have found a home at the Mixed Notes Café. His Tuesday night jam sessions and the Friday night series of Al Cardillo and Friends have attracted artists such as trombonistand conch- shell player Steve Turre, saxophonist Chris Potter, drummer Matt Wilson and trumpeter Lew Soloff, each a player who often leads bands at the city's jazz clubs…

With a Little Help From his Friends - December 2, 2002

…Cardillo is a dedicated jazz warrior keeping the sounds of jazz alive in clubs across Long Island. Working the phones, the internet and showing up backstage at gigs, Cardillo juggles the duties of booking agent, promoter, marketer, music teacher and bassist. Ron Beigel and Jon Lap, New Long Island Press

”Newsday NightBeat HotSpot" - September 8, 2000

"Talented upright bassist Al Cardillo has made this trattoria a genuine jazz haven. His twice a week “trios” finds the fatstringer improvising with some of the finest jazzmen around…How Much: The price of a meal. ”Newsday ‘s NightBeat HotSpot

Frank Gatland WSHR 91.9 FM “Old Wine, New Bottles" - June 14, 2000

“…Al Cardillo presents the cutting edge of modern jazz . His skillful blending of new names and seasoned artists makes every event compelling and worthwhile. Long Island is now a jazz hub. It doesn’t get any better! ”Frank Gatland WSHR 91.9 FM “Old Wine, New Bottles Tues. 8:30-10:00 June, 2000.

Janis Seminara, Long Island Entertainment - May 24, 2000

“…An integral part of the NYC jazz scene show up here. Major recording artists and aficionados alike. World class performers and world class fans share a night of world class entertainment”...

Ron Beigel Long Island Voice - January 8, 1999

“Al Cardillo, Jazz Messenger: Chris Potter joins Cardillo on the Island….

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